Salmon, Sweet Potato Sliders

I’m on a veggie kick lately. Maybe it’s the new urge to eat healthier or maybe it’s just a passing trend, but whatever it is, I’ve stumbled onto some gold! Potatoes are a tricky veggie because they’re starchy and filling and hugely delicious, which must only mean that it’s a trap. And sure, they’re loaded with carbs and some research has suggested that white potatoes (no matter the serving style) can be attributed to weight gain, but they’ve also proven to be a solid source of potassium, vitamin C and B and fibre. I’m a big fan of the potato, but above the normal, everyday russet potatoes, I have an even softer spot for sweet potatoes/yams. So allow me to amend myself a bit: when I say I’m on a veggie kick, it’s mostly a root veggie kick.

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