At twenty-five, I barely have my SIN number figured out, let alone what I plan to do in life. A close friend recently turned the page on her twenty-sixth birthday, and being the supportive pal that I am, I relentlessly teased her of course, ignoring my own impending 6 month away bday. She groaned about still being in school working on her second degree, and we compared futile stresses about our general futures.

Maybe it’s naive of me, but I am trying desperately to trust the popular notion that I’m part of a generation of time-takers, of ambitious workers who will find where they belong after they have tried the size and style of different jobs and positions. I travel, I take temporary work placements, (which always become permanent offers that I tend to turn down), and maybe, just maybe, I have career-commitment issues. My justification (or excuse), is that my CV is growing brilliantly with my plethora of experiences. Yet, I’m terrified to apply to the ‘real’ jobs – the ones that I may actually be aiming to nail myself to in the long run. The juxtaposition is very real.

As my first blog post ever, welcome to my confused, young-adult existence. I think I intend this to collect my thoughts from day to day. To maybe help me measure my ambitions against reality. And also, to attempt to fulfill a resolution of personal commitment.

Cheers to a year of keeping track.