Here is what I believe to be the list of the top 5 biggest friendship faux pas, based off true life experience and stolen from my personal archive:

1. The friend that doesn’t want you till they need you.
Always a favourite and one sure to make you go ‘mhmm, yes…’. After months of little to no reciprocated contact, I’m rung up with an audible plea of desperation to provide the comfort and support that the friend needs. No matter the prior situation, you can NEVER turn your back on that friend, and I don’t resent that. It’s just one of the sad loops you can get caught in. You’re losing a friend here because that lack of contact and friendship before the problem, doesn’t do unnoticed and forgotten. Despite the ease of giving friendship in those rough times, the damage is done.

2. The friend that can’t deal with your happiness.
There’s that one person who not-so-subtly questions the good things that happen in your life and makes the congratulations seem a bit masked.
‘The interview went amazing! I got offered the job on the spot!’
Friend- ‘Wow… You’re so lucky you’re pretty.’
If that’s not some double-sided compliment, than I don’t know what is! Probably unnecessary to explain the path to loss here.

3. The friend with the sex priority.
Really? Do I even need to explain this one either? It can go hand in hand with my previous post as well. This friend screws up by screwing. (Heh).

4. The friend who can’t be a bro.
A touchy one in most circles because it’s almost too taboo to really discuss. This is the friend that fell for you. Whether your a guy or girl, this particular friend is the one that holds you to a higher regard. Love complicates this friendship and puts you in a rough spot. Despite warnings of not being able to return those same feelings, hearts will inevitably break and friendships will painfully come to a close. This lose is the worst in my opinion.

5. The friend that breaks your trust.
This one has done irreparable damage. Whether they’ve stolen your boyfriend, insulted your family or complicated your life with lies and rumours, they are now nothing to you. They’ve crossed a line somewhere and you’re hurting in ways you didn’t know you could hurt. Your stomach twists, you cry tears for emotions you can’t even set straight and you let go with no hesitation. This is as lost as a friend can get.


This is what not to commit to being. Each day that I can avoid acting as any of these is a day well deserved. I’d like to think that it’s been smooth sailing thus far.

Cheers to a year of keeping track.