A tea steeping in an over-sized mug, pillows warmly embracing each curve, a blanket haphazardly pulled over you and an entire world creased open in your hands.

The simple pleasures to a book lover are endless.

I’m an everything person. I’m quiet and reserved but loud and happy. An introvert with extrovert potential. A reader and writer and a tomboy. Art, horrible reality tv shows, music (good and bad), animals, nature, the chaos of cities, the serenity of camping…I love. I love deeply. I love passionately.

Spending life waiting to live has been a notion stripped of me many years ago, and it’s the best thing to have happened.

No person reads the exact same book as anyone else. My reviews may not be five-star credited, but they’ll be honest and highly biased to my own taste. (Which, in my opinion, is pretty awesome.)

Tonight? A glass of wine and my new copy of Us Conductors, by Sean Michaels