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Thighs to Make You Swoon

I don’t rave enough about how much I love cooking. How could I not? The sizzle of meat over a hot oven is practically carnal in itself. There’s this easy joy in the monotony of prepping; in chopping, trimming, peeling and slicing. Thinking is the steady rapping of the knife against the cutting board. Continue reading Thighs to Make You Swoon

Salmon, Sweet Potato Sliders

I’m on a veggie kick lately. Maybe it’s the new urge to eat healthier or maybe it’s just a passing trend, but whatever it is, I’ve stumbled onto some gold! Potatoes are a tricky veggie because they’re starchy and filling and hugely delicious, which must only mean that it’s a trap. And sure, they’re loaded with carbs and some research has suggested that white potatoes (no matter the serving style) can be attributed to weight gain, but they’ve also proven to be a solid source of potassium, vitamin C and B and fibre. I’m a big fan of the potato, but above the normal, everyday russet potatoes, I have an even softer spot for sweet potatoes/yams. So allow me to amend myself a bit: when I say I’m on a veggie kick, it’s mostly a root veggie kick.

While craving fish and burgers like no one’s business Continue reading Salmon, Sweet Potato Sliders

Turkey!! Turkey turkey turkey turkey

Being Canadian, I got to celebrate Thanksgiving this past weekend. Thanksgiving, in my family, is an occasion to feast with the people who mean the most to you, enjoy great food and, consequently, slip into a turkey induced nap while still comfortably in the presence of those same people. We lack formality in other words.

This was my second year tackling the turkey on my own and it may be my bias taste buds taking creative liberty in saying this, but I nailed it. Last year, it was ok, but I definitely aspired to upping my turkey game on the next round. I’m loose and carefree when it comes to cooking, and recipes/directions have always been more guidelines than rules to me. So, with some swinging by the seam of my pants on this, I winged the prep and cooking of this 6.8kg bird, and was pleasantly surprised.  Continue reading Turkey!! Turkey turkey turkey turkey

Put Some Mussel Into It

Heh, get it?? Mussel?


I’ve got a new recipe for you guys! I threw this together last night and it was a huge hit. No leftovers sort of success. And it was simple. Because, this is me. And I tend to love simplicity in my kitchen mid week. I have a confession: I’m not much of a pasta person. Generally speaking, pasta more than once every other week or so is considered too much for me, but when I do pasta, I don’t mess around. Maybe because of my general aversion to the carby overload, I feel the need to up the dish on the nights I give in. Last night was no exception.

Mussels cooked in white wine and transferred to Continue reading Put Some Mussel Into It

Quiche It Up

I love eggs. Vegans, you guys both impress and worry me. Oh and cheese. Cheese is great also…it doesn’t worry me. But does further question the sanity of the vegans. Anyways, moving on. I’ve been quite lazy in the kitchen this past week or so. My sole accomplishment, (aside from finally figuring out poached eggs over an induction oven), was a delicious quiche Continue reading Quiche It Up

Summer Salad For Protein Peeps

It’s officially summer! I’m only a few skeptical weeks late in announcing it, but my birthday is what I personally use as a marker of the brilliant occasion that is warmth in the land of supposed igloos and dog mushers. (That was a just quick quip at the poor expectations the good old land of the brave have of the Canadian nation. – come on guys, obbbviiousslly we live in yurts).

Anyways, back to the summer celebration. Let me first introduce you to my food season reasoning. I am a huge supporter of sweet potato soup spiked with cinnamon and nutmeg in the fall, of hot chocolates topped with mini marshmallows on winter nights, corn and chickpea salads with a twist of lime and garnished with parsley in the spring and all the barbecued glories of the summer. Not that we can’t revisit some Continue reading Summer Salad For Protein Peeps