I’ve decided one of the top things that should be committed to each and every day, should be living in the moment.

You know that auto-pilot sensation you get when you’re on your way home from work or running a mundane daily errand? The world passes by without you really noticing it and when you think back later, you barely recall the actual travel time or activity. It’s actually pretty scary, especially when that travel time involved driving at over 100km on the highway. Our minds are always so preoccupied with the ‘other’ that we neglect the now.

A study by Daniel Gilbert uncovered that 46.9% of peoples’ time is spent ‘mind wandering’. And the kicker is that, apparently, this activity isn’t enjoyable and actually results in less happiness for the majority of people. Isn’t that crazy? We spend a little under half of our time partaking in something that deprives us of joy.

The key times when we zone out the most are when we are working, resting or using a home computer. So, as part of my commitment to being in the moment, I’ll only write when I can. If I’m having a busy day then I’ll make my post as quick as possible so I can be there with Sam, or my family, or doing the things that make me happiest. It’s hard to take yourself out of the habit of being in your own mind, but I’m going to give it the best shot I can. Wish me luck!

Cheers to a year of keeping track.