You know you have a problem when you’ve dedicated an entire cupboard in a pocket-size kitchen to your tea collection. Oh, plus honey – honey is also in that cupboard. So, that makes it less sad.

Comfort is an underrated commitment. People scoff at the simplicity of being comfortable, labeling it as selfish or lazy. But I think it’s necessary to making the most of your happiness. It allows each inch of yourself the reward of resting and looking directly at the moment and recognizing those easy joys. Some of my favourite days are the ones riddled with solitary self-spoiling. Where I can get home after work to an empty house, maybe go for a long run, pour myself a glass of wine, (or cup of tea!), do some writing, listen to music without the consideration of headphones and maybe watch a movie that would make Sam puke.

I think we deprive ourselves of that pleasure all too often in the name of ambition. We don’t want to waste time on nothingness, but I love that idleness some days. It’s deserved some days. It’s required others.

So instead of negligence in the name of activity, let the commitment to yourself, in all ways, be loved. Bask in the moments that let you be your unguarded, idle self.

Cheers to a year of keeping track.