1. Pants off.
First and foremost, you strip it all off. Kick those jeans off. Discard the maybes, ifs, ands, or buts of the day with them and go bare. You’ve got to trade in the pants that suck and tuck and embrace the baggy tracks or skin-bearing booty shorts. It’s about leaving the easy discomforts, like pants, aside.

2. Claim the corner seat.
Even if you’re a bona-fide extrovert, your outgoing tendency could take a back seat right now. Being alone with your own mind, stealing that never free corner couch spot and lazing solo is good for you once in awhile. It alleviates the stress of your pressing social life and refreshes your own opinions.

3. Do a you thing.
Whether you’re lacing up your running shoes and hitting up your favourite running route, or curling up into that corner seat to read, you’ve got to do it all for yourself. Whatever takes your mind to the best places is where you want to be.

4. Eat right.
I’m not talking about carrots and veggie platters, unless that’s your preferred comfort food. I love springrolls or ritz crackers with nutella. To each their own. The key here is to embrace guilt free pleasure, and the simplest path to that in my opinion, is through food.

5. Love the moment.
The final and ultimate step to true comfort and relaxation is to embrace and appreciate the moment for what it is. It’s all about you and what makes you happy.

Bonus: Wine helps.

Hope you enjoyed my guide to comfort. Never become shy in the face of your comfort commitment. There’s nothing more refreshing than being you in a moment that’s just yours. More secrets and tips to come.

Cheers to a year of keeping track.