Chilling, unforgiving and dark, this book leaves you under its trance for weeks after you’ve read the last pages. It took me two tries to completely get through this masterpiece, simple because of its hard-hitting, emotionally draining content. You’re faced with characters that are confusing, dark and cynical, yet somehow loving. There are few books that can make an avid reader feel the need to step back and ‘take a break’, yet this one did it.

We Need to Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver is the shockingly monochromatic narrative of the mother of the teen that goes on a methodical killing spree in his high school gym. It is not an easy read in both terms of language and content. Directed as a letter to her husband, the reader is faced with opinions and assumptions both difficult and confusing. It’s a book that takes one America’s greatest fears and stares, glaringly, at what we all ask…’where were the parents?’