It was less than a year ago that this became this. This mission – once top-secret -was barely anything but a teeny voice in a teeny head saying teeny things. Since, the mission has become a goal, which ploughed into a passion, that resurrected a purpose.

What I’m saying, is trust. Believe. Don’t waste another second.

Because things grow. Sometimes in spurts but other times with the slow grace of a hardwood.To underestimate that little voice is to neglect where it comes from, and it’s coming from somewhere great; from a place of sincerity and honesty and self. We’re in constant search of that self. Intrigued by the definition of ‘who we are’ we click those silly quizzes online that promise to bookmark our traits and personalities. Everything from the scientific self analysis to ‘Which Disney Character Are You?’ gets surveyed to appease the struggle of separating what we are and who we are.

We don’t know what we’re looking for, or in what way we find it, so we fumble and dive and tackle our way through the mysteriously unmarked path that is the ‘self’. Participants of an epic scavenger hunt, we accept clues and hints from books and media that portray moments of divine intervention awaiting us just beyond that cascading waterfall or on the shores of that luxuriously foreign beach. To define ourselves is to meditate on this body and mind that we were bred with and ‘discover’ a prose that is uniquely you.

It’s so much easier than that. At least, I accept it to be.

My self, is that voice. That small, insecure, fragile and horribly sensitive echo of me. The bit that can let what I think become what I do and what I hope, to become what is. Who I am is this person. It’s that simple. I’m not the crab of a zodiac or the disney princess Pocahontas, despite what Pinterest claims. I’m a girl that writes and reads and runs and lives with the reminder that that little voice is the pusher of why I’m where I am now.

That’s why you need to trust and believe and not wait. Because that epic self search is right there, whispering teeny things in a teeny voice that you’re absolutely capable of doing.